Spring – A new beginning

Spring – the season of new beginning,

Like to forget all sourness…

And to invite sweets in our happenings,

Having faith in goodness…

Trees shed their old leaves and grow new leaves,

A new happiness in shed peace…

Mustard fields having yellow layer of flowers to achieve,

Just a new turn of life’s piece…

Moderate climate having moderate temperature,

Not be nostalgic or any temper…

Enjoy the new turn having new adventure,

And new friends to enter…


Is there only deception in LOVE ?

Love is a word that none of us could explain perfectly. Cause’ love is not what we can see or do. It’s a self realisation for compassion towards someone,for a closeness towards someone. It is not needed to feel,it is felt by itself . Now,some do not trust upon love ,they say “Love gives only deception, it’s just waste of your feelings for someone “. But they always forget that love is not only towards closest friend,we have love for our mothers too but that doesn’t give deception. In case,we feel that mom has given deception to us,but could be ,in her opinion it would right for us. So,it is not mandatory that if it seems to be deception in your opinion,it is deception by others too ,it could be right for you to not trust him/her anymore and improve more feelings for him/her. Thanks your partner to tell you the truth. So,indirectly the conclusion is love doesn’t have deception only ,it is a temporary care that much he/she deserves to give.

Love other more than you

Without thinking about the result….

Think , it’s a wind that blew

Or a temporary pleasure that was abrupt

Bird and Money

Birds in the sky

Always flying high,

Without any tension

Without any pension,

Then why does a man

Desire for the money damn,

The root of all quarrels

The root of all relation obstacles ,

Let’s care for human not money

Don’t run for it and the penny.

Stars vs Us

Today I saw stars for 20 minutes. Ya,I know it’s not much time ,but for realisation,I think 20 seconds are sufficient. I saw that the stars were twinkling continuously . Not as usual ,they were twinkling tern by tern like they all were conversing with each other. Like they have only night to talk. So they are trying to talk as much as they could . But suddenly I realised that what has happened to our lives !! We were not like this before. All talked to each other to stress out but nowadays we just have mobile phones to stress out. We don’t have time to talk with our friends even when we are free. It’s just like we have become host stars – that are eaten by their own stars. Where are those lovely stars….lets emboss them.

Outside the castle – Repunzel

I always see outside the window,outside the castle of my prison . Just think that what could be outside the castle. These lovely birds flying in sky,those lovely deers playing in bushes. Is there only trees in the world,or the world has only this much trees.

Do all have long hairs like me. Or all have only hairs like me…..

Do they have freedom or they too are caged like me…..

Or even is there somebody in the world or there is only my mother and me….

If somebody,I wait for my prince who could emancipate me….

– Repunzel ( Disney Princess )

The Journey Begins

Hi ! I am Omansh….you are most welcome on my page! And I m whole heartedly thankful to you to read my blogs. I didn’t have any inspiration but I believe in commencing new things and believe that new talent is not needed to brought up,it should be nurtured and it emboss itself. Just welcome and I hope you’ll like my blogs..thank you 🥰🥰

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton